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About Reyburn's Bakery


I first became interested in baking in grade school. All students, boys and girls were required to take home economics. We had to learn how to create a balanced meal, do laundry, iron a shirt, sew on a button and bake a batch of cookies from scratch.  


We were divided into several teams and asked to pick a recipe from a cookbook. We were instructed on how to shop for all the ingredients, measure everything twice, mix in seqence and bake at the proper degree. I was hooked.


My team’s cookies smelled absolutly delicous coming out of the oven. Those cookies were so good they made your eyes roll back in your head. I will never forget the feeling of pride as I planned to save most of my cookies to give away to friends.


Baking for friends and family has always been a normal part of my gift giving. People seem to appreicate a homemade peach cobbler or a moist marble cake that is fresh baked and still warm. It  soon got to the point where I couldn't arrive at a party without bringing the dessert.


I love to bake, but could not eat evertyhing I made, so I gave away baked goods to anyone who would give honest feedback. I had more than a dozen tasters at my former job ready to eat anything I could bake up.


May 2014 I opened Reyburn's Bakery starting with pound cakes, layered celabration cakes, cobblers, cookies and caramel popcorn.


I now look forward to baking for as many people as possilble.


Reyburn Brown

"Nothin says lovin like something from the oven "  Reyburn.jpg
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